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-- Chief Financial Policeman And also just to improve it, David, we're around an 80% share today with 4 SKUs in the market. It's around 3% to 4% of industry share (entrance canopy). As well as we're having unavailable today. So we don't actually understand what the potential is yet. What we do know is that we're scaling up manufacturing truly rapidly.

So we know that we can double, maybe three-way that based upon need without endangering top quality. So we're pressing it as a lot as we can. We have actually obtained very eye-catching price mention in the market. And now it's just a circulation and also gratification game.-- Chief Exec Policeman As well as by the method, we're refrained, right? So we have more drinks coming to market, as well as our technology team is functioning like all the time to comprehend what is the next version, what is the next-generation of our beverages product to make sure that we remain to remain ahead?-- Canaccord Genuity-- Analyst That's all really handy.

And also has the government come back at all with potentially altering the equivalence grams that remain in these beverages? Due to the fact that I would presume that you can not truly start marketing two or fours of these points till that obtains changed.-- Principal Exec Officer Yeah. Look, I think there is some assistance of it, specifically in the rural companies that offer the product.

-- Principal Financial Police officer We're dealing with it. Yeah.-- Canaccord Genuity-- Expert Thanks. Your following question originates from John Chu from Desjardins Capital Markets. Please go on.-- Desjardins Resources Markets-- Analyst Hi. Excellent early morning. I just desired to follow-up on the comment made earlier concerning web income slowly enhancing in the Canadian Rec market with even more store openings. So sort of assumed it would certainly have been perhaps a little bit extra accelerated growth in the coming quarters and also simply more steady. Can you talk about just how you might see all those variables entering place in the next couple of quarters?-- Chief Financial Officer Yeah, John. So look, what we have actually been pleasantly surprised by is shops proceeding to open even during a pandemic as well as our latest estimate is that by the end of calendar year, we might be over of 1,200 shops across Canada.

As we dial in our supply chain and also remain to execute in regards to PO fulfillment, as we remain to do in regards to Cannabis 2.0 execution, more drinks, more chocolates, even more vape out in the marketplace - industrial canopy. As we remain to finish off our value offerings and also as we remain to improve top quality throughout the board, we see a great deal of tailwind heading into the next six to 9 months.

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And we know that there's potentially some solutions coming the next six to nine months. creative canopy. Yet in the meanwhile, this has actually been a respectable canopy design defensive play. Consumers are still investing in marijuana. And also with more stores coming, we think that's going to remain to open the market.

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So all indicators benefit Q2. As well as equilibrium of the year is really just Home Page mosting likely to be a feature of those shops remaining to open. Your next concern comes from Doug Miehm from RBC Funding Markets. Please go in advance.-- RBC Funding Markets-- Analyst Many thanks significantly, as well as greetings.

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Look, I'll take a stab at this. And also David, you can enter. So two things. On market share, we are seeing improvements in market share. Rather generally I would state we hit a trough in the April, May amount of time. And also as we check out current fads on share throughout the provinces that we can really compute market share for, we do see an uptick across Canada in terms of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, DC, as well as we're confident that that uptick is mosting likely to continue for all the factors I pointed out at the last inquiry.

We've taken the actions of getting our supply chain in balance. As well as we understand that in the brief run, that may hinder our gross margin efficiency as we experience lower usage levels. And also we also recognize a few of our rivals are taking a different course which is still proceeding to run at high utilization levels, but producing probably 3 or 4 times their sales each quarter in their harvest which places all that on their equilibrium sheet, which's going to come back at some point In terms of surpluses.

We understand that we have actually got ongoing opportunity to coleman instant concertina shelter continue to enhance our margins. And we assume the priority now is to preserve a well balanced supply chain versus just loading up facilities to keep our economies of range going. To make sure that's the path that we're taking. And again, we proceed to believe that the next 6 to 9 months for this market are mosting likely to be very positive in terms of shop matters.

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This ends the question-and-answer part of the telephone call. And also I would currently like to transform it back to Mr. Klein for last statements.-- President Yeah. Thank you once more for joining us. We look onward to sharing further development in the coming months. In the meantime, I wish all of you will attempt our outstanding products, visit our Tokyo Smoke and Tweed shops, explore our shopcanopy.com website.

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